25 November 2011. ESPI Report 39 on “The Socio-Economic Benefits of GMES” online


25 November 2011. This study provides an overview of the socio-economic benefits of GMES  based on a comprehensive analysis of previous third-party results and is focusing on disaster management.

The study on “The Socio-Economic benefits of GMES. A Synthesis Derived from a Comprehensive Analysis of Previous Results, Focusing on Disaster Management”, prepared by ESPI Resident Fellow Christina Giannopapa, is building on existing third-party results on the quantification of socio-economic benefits of GMES and provides a holistic comparative assessment on the economic, strategic and political benefits. The present study addresses the following  areas: disasters in Europe with focus on flooding and fires; public opinion on civil protection; overview and analysis of past socio-economic benefits studies on GMES; analysis of quantifiable and non quantifiable economic, strategic and political benefits. The study shows that GMES can produce significant socio-economic benefits and can offer significant strategic and political benefits for Europe. The strategic and political benefits for Europe are inherently economically non-quantifiable. These benefits concern European leadership in this high-profile area and the long term quality of life of the European citizens. The main strategic and political benefits of GMES are access to independent information to support European interests and decision-making and European autonomy in critical technologies and capabilities. The study provides information on the projected economic benefits by impact category in 2011 numbers and estimates that for every 1 euro of tax payer’s money invested in GMES, the citizen receive the equivalent of at least 10 euros public benefits back in a dynamic scenario where the interrelationship between impacted areas is taken into account.  

The study was conducted by ESPI Resident Fellow Christina Giannopapa under the auspices of the 2011 Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union in consultation with relevant European stakeholders. In the framework of the study a presentation was made to the Competitiveness Council Space Working Party in Brussels at the invitation of the the Polish Presidency.  

- ESPI Report 39: “The Socio-Economic benefits of GMES. A Synthesis Derived from a Comprehensive Analysis of Previous Results. Focusing on Disaster Management”.

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