24 February 2017. The ninth volume of the “Yearbook on Space Policy” series edited by ESPI and published by SpringerWienNewYork is now available. This edition covers global space related developments in the calendar year 2015.

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20 February 2017. Issue No.9 of the “ESPI Briefs” series is now available to read. It focusses on finding the right technology policy framework, risk-sharing scheme between public and private actors, and a long-term vision for Europe’s space activity to remain ahead of the curve in space technologies and services. Download the brief here.

13 February 2017. At the 54th session of the COPUOS STSC, on the 8 February, ESPI Resident Fellow Dr. Stefano Ferretti presented the ESPI Report 60: “Engaging with Stakeholders in Preparation for UNISPACE+50”. On the same day it took place the IAF Symposium 2017 “What is at stake in Space in 2017 and 2018”.

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13 February 2017. At the 54th session of the COPUOS STSC, ESPI presented its on-going project on the Group of Latin America and Caribbean Countries (GRULAC), which is one of the five regional groups at the United Nations representing 17% of all UN members.

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03 February 2017. Eighteen years after the call for a European navigation satellite system, the initial services of the European GNSS Galileo have been declared on December 15, 2016. In the meantime, the tribulations of the programme led to successive changes in its governance until its consolidation in 2013. The resulting configuration, in force until 2020, proved to be effective regarding the deployment of the system. In the new context of system exploitation, and while the elaboration of the next GNSS regulation will be starting this year, this report proposes alternative governance schemes tailored for this new phase of the programme.

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On 1 February 2017, ESPI hosted an event on the topic “India in Space: The Forward Look to International Cooperation” at the margins of the third day of the 54th session of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee of UNCOPUOS. As ESPI prepares to publish a book with a focus on the Indian space programme and the potential for stronger future space cooperation between India and Europe in the space sector, this event highlighted those areas of cooperation that can prove mutually beneficial in the future on the basis of already existing collaborations between the world’s largest democracies. Other key topics such as finding and building on common ground as well as overcoming hurdles that may inhibit a fruitful partnership were also discussed.

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01 February 2017. On 24-25 January, ESPI Director Jean-Jacques Tortora, and ESPI Resident Fellows Serge Plattard, Cenan Al-Ekabi, and Alessandra Vernile participated in the 9th Annual Conference on European Space Policy discussing a “Space Strategy for Europe: the road ahead” in Brussels, Belgium. Within six sessions, high-level Policy and Industry stakeholders discussed the European Commission’s new EU Space Strategy and New Space in light of competitiveness, service connectivity and economy, diplomacy, and defence; also addressed was Europe’s evolving SatCom industry and means in which the EU should help to facilitate and fund the future space market.

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31 January 2017. On the occasion of the 54th session of the UN COPUOS Scientific and Technical Subcommittee, ESPI published this report, as a collective effort of Stefano Ferretti, Jean-Jacques Tortora, Elisabeth Veit and Alessandra Vernile. The report summarizes recommendations in regard to the implementation of the UN Agenda 2030, with a particular focus on the outcomes of the 10th ESPI Autumn Conference “Space for Sustainable Development”, and it looks forward to the upcoming UNISPACE+50 conference, with the aim of giving new impulse to the mandate of the COPUOS for the years to come.

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In 2017, the 50th anniversary of the Outer Space Treaty is celebrated. Therefore it is time to undertake a study on this Treaty taking into account new challenges and space activities.

To support this project, ESPI is looking to employ a Research Intern for a minimum of three months at the premises of the Institute in Vienna, starting from April 2017.

The main duties envisioned for this internship are:

Research and drafting process of the study, Supporting the general activities of the Institute (e.g. organisation of events, etc.).


Educational background (at least 3 years degree) in legal or political science, international relations.

  • Excellent command of the English language, written and oral is imperative.
  • Proven competence in drafting and publication of articles, papers and reports in English.
  • Good knowledge of MS Office.
  • Knowledge of upcoming legal related space law topics would be an advantage.

To apply for this internship, please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a copy of your CV, a cover letter and – if applicable – sample documentation supporting your qualifications (e.g. a previously published article, theses extracts, etc.), with subject: “ESPI internship on legal analysis of the Outer Space Treaty” before 12 February 2017. Please do not submit educational records or certificates at this stage.

30 January 2017. Jean-Jacques Tortora, Director of ESPI participated in the TV show on CCTV in December 2016. The link to the show can be downloaded here.

19 January 2017. ESPI is pleased to announce an upcoming evening event and reception on:

"India in Space: The Forward Look to International Cooperation”

Date: 1 February 2017

Time: 18:30

Venue: ESPI, Schwarzenbergplatz 6 (entrance Zaunergasse 1-3, 2nd Floor), A-1030 Vienna, Austria

Please register at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to your participation! Download the programme here.

17 January 2017. Issue No.8 of the “ESPI Briefs” series is now available. It provides some reflections and comments on the new U.S. administration plans for space policy, as well as on implications and opportunities for Europe. You can download it here

16 January 2017. The twenty-fourth Newsletter issue of ESPI is now online.

The twenty-fourth issue of the ESPI Newsletter provides an account of ESPI’s activities during the past six months. The period was extremely fruitful for ESPI, with the publication of relevant studies as well as a considerable number of activities in and outside ESPI, an account of which is provided within this Newsletter. A description of the ongoing and upcoming activities and events planned by ESPI as part of its Workplan 2017 is also provided.

Download: ESPI Newsletter 24

12 January 2017. A new issue of the “ESPI Briefs” series is available. It comments on the new “White Paper on Space Activities” released by China on 27 December 2016. You can find it here.

11 January 2017. ESPI is looking to employ a Research Intern for a minimum of three to a maximum of six months to support an upcoming study on the topic of European Access to Space. To see the vacancy details, please click here.

21 December 2016. ESPI is looking to fill the position for Coordinator of Studies at the European Space Policy Institute. The closing date for applications is 27 January 2017. The details to the vacancy can be reviewed here.

14 December 2016. The EU-U.S. 2nd Space Conference took place on Wednesday 7 December in the George Washington Space Policy Institute premises in Washington DC. This event gathered high ranking representatives from the European Commission, the US Administration as well as from industry and organisations playing a prominent role in the shaping of the EU-U.S. relations in Space. ESPI Director, Jean-Jacques Tortora participated in the panel related to Security.

The video recording of the event is available here.

Summary of the ESPI presentation can be downloaded here.

14 December 2016. Senior Resident Fellow Dr. Serge Plattard wrote an article for Europe's World magazine. You can access the article here.

28 November 2016. The Space Policies, Issues and Trends in 2015-16 report is now available. This report provides a continued assessment of the space economy and of global space policies.

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24 November 2016. On 14 and 15 November ESPI Resident Fellow Dr. Stefano Ferretti participated in the workshop "When Space Meets Agriculture - Fostering Interregional collaborations, investments and definition of user requirements” organized by the Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies (NEREUS) in Matera, Italy. NEREUS aims at exploring the benefits of space technologies for European regions and its citizens and to spread their applications, while promoting the regional dimension of European Space Policy and programs as well as end-user needs.

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