11th Autumn Conference
Innovation in the New Space Economy
12-13 September, ESPI, Vienna

The European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) held its 11th Autumn Conference on “Innovation in the New Space Economy” in Vienna, Austria, on 12-13 September 2017. The Autumn Conference is a yearly ESPI event where space policy, agency and industry stakeholders come together to discuss issues that affect Europe and the rest of the world.

The Topic

This year ESPI and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have collaborated in the production of the Conference to discuss the evolution of the sector in light of the new roles adopted by governments, space agencies, and the space industry. Additional focus will be placed on the process of innovation and its drivers in the space ecosystem, and on long-term perspectives for the space economy leading into 2050.

The 11th Autumn Conference will be a two-day event and will cover the following three sessions:
1) The State of the Art of the Space Economy;
2) Space and Innovation; and
3) Long Term Perspectives for the Space Economy.

These sessions aim to bring a clear view on the subject and will include related discussions to stimulate a debate among conference participants. Participants to the Conference include stakeholders from the public and industry domains.

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