U.S. Space Policy Documents 2011:

January 2011: National Security Space Strategy (NSSS). Unclassified Summary, Department of Defense

U.S. Space Policy Documents 2010:

28 June 2010: National Space Policy of the Untied States of America
February 2010: A Bold New Approach for Space Exploration and Discovery. Fact Sheet. Office of Science and Technology Policy. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

U.S. Space Policy Documents (1982-2006)

4 July 1982:   National Space Policy, National Security Decision Directive Number 42
11 February 1988:  Presidental Directive on National Space Policy, January 5, 1988. Fact sheet.
2 November 1989: National Space Policy Directives and Executive Charter NSPD-1
19 September 1996: The White House National Science and Technology Council  
31 August  2006: U.S. National Space Policy

Reactions on th U.S. Space Policy (2006)

6 October 2006: Space Foundation comment on the National Space Policy
7 October 2006: Space Com., New Bush Space Policy Unveiled, Stresses U.S. Freedom of Action
7 October 2006: MSNBC News, U.S. stresses ‘freedom of action’ in space. New policy document outlines approach to defense and exploration
7 October 2006: EE Times, U.S. space policy asserts military role
9 October 2006: Spacetoday, US releases new national space policy
10 October 2006: OpEd News, North Korea Drives Bush into Outer Space
10 October 2006: GeoPolitical Intelligence, US National Space Policy
10 October 2006: New Scientist Space, US takes unilateral stance in new space policy
10 October 2006: The Henry L. Stimson Center, The Bush National Space Policy. Freedom of Action, Not Diplomacy 
13 October 2006: Center for Defense Information, The Bush National Space Policy: Contrasts and Contradictions
16 October 2006: The Henry L. Stimson Center, The Responsibilities of Space Faring Nations
18 October 2006: BBC News, US adopts tough new space policy The US has adopted a tough new policy aimed at protecting its interests in space and denying "adversaries" access there for hostile purposes
18 October 2006: ABC News: U.S. Says 'Keep Out of My Space: New National Space Policy Favors Weapons in Orbit 
18 October 2006: Chron.com, Bush signs space policy stressing security issues The first full update in 10 years document rejects future agreements on arms control
18 October 2006: Der Spiegel Online, Bush erklärt sich zum Herrscher des Universums
18 October 2006: Der Spiegel Online, Bushs All-Macht-Doktrin
18 October 2006: Spacewar, New US Space Policy Targets Rivals Capabilities
19 October 2006: California Space Authority, California Space Authority Applauds New National Space Policy
19 October 2006: The Independent, Space: America's new war zone
19 October 2006: The Planetary Society Weblog: Asking for Trouble, Creepy, and Weird
19 October 2006: Times Online, America wants it all - life, the Universe and everything
19 October 2006: Center for Defense Information, New Space Policy: "Not With a Bang, But a Whimper" 
19 October 2006: SFGate.com, New space policy revolves around U.S. Bush quietly signs measure that rejects future arms control 
23 October 2006: The Planetary Society: Belligerent Tone Mars U.S. Administration Space Policy 
23 October 2006: Salzburger Nachrichten, Freie Bahn im Weltraum 
14 October 2006: National Review Online, Spacing Out 
24 October 2006: US Department of Space, U.S. National Space Policy Senior Administration Official - Foreign Press Center Background Briefing 
25 October 2006: The United States Mission to the European Union, U.S. Opposes Restrictions on Use of Space  
27 October 2006: Technology Review. A Dangerous Step toward Space Warfare. Experts say the new U.S. National Space Policy will push the world closer to a space arms race
October 2006: Foreign Policy: Seven Questions: The Race for Space (access with free registration) 
2 November 2006: The Weekly Standard: Space Supremacy It's the goal of America's new space policy 
10 November 2006: MSNBC News: An outer-space war of words escalates. Russians overreacting on the basis of overwrought reports on U.S. policy 
10 November 2006: CJ Online, New space policy will put weapons out there 
11 November 2006: Defense Tech Org.: Bush: Space is for Soldiers 
13 November 2006: The Space Review: Not really lost in space: the new National Space Policy 
13 November 2006: The Space Review: Annex: Section By Section Comparison of 1996 and 2006 National Space Policy Documents