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Since  December 2017         Resident Fellow at ESPI, seconded by CNES, specializing in Space Security
March - August 2017 Research Intern, ESPI, participation in a study on European access to space
Since September 2016 Research Assistant, participation in a study on small satellites and small launchers – in collaboration with CNRS, the Foundation for Strategic Research, and ESPI
January-March 2015 Research Assistant, French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) participation in a study on inter-agency collaboration – in collaboration with the OECD Space Forum
May-August 2013 Summer job, Royal Academy of Arts (London)
January 2012 Job shadowing, Wolfgang Ehrler Law Firm, Herdecke (Germany)


September  November 2017 Intensive Russian Language Study Programme, French National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations
2016-2017 Master’s degree in Strategic Management, University of Paris Sud (Paris Saclay), Thesis: ‘Technological Foresight in the SmallSat Launch Market: a Critical Analysis’
2015-2016 MSc Science and Technology Policy, Innovation Pathway, Science Policy Research Unit, Sussex Business School, Thesis: “The NewSpace Race: A Geopolitical Investigation of Launch Space Strategies in Europe, Russia, and the United States amidst the rise of Commercial Spaceflight”
May 2016 Short course on Space Law and Policy, London Institute for Space Policy and Law
2014-2015 French DU in Astronomy and Celestial Mechanics, Observatory of Paris
September 2013- January 2014 Programme for French-German experts, Ruhr University of Bochum (Merit scholarship awarded by the German Academic Exchange Office)

Languages:           French, English, German, basic knowledge of Italian, Japanese, and Russian

Nationality:           French