Visiting Researcher

Prof. Dr. von Prittwitz studied History, Sociology, and Political Science in Regensburg und Berlin. From 1980 to 1990, he took part in international research efforts on environmental policy in Science Center Berlin. Since 1991, he held contemporary chairs for Political Science in the Universities of Darmstadt, Hamburg, Erlangen, and Erfurt, and he became associated professor for Political Science at the Freie Universität Berlin in 2004. His primary fields of interest are comparative politics, environmental and sustainability policies, communicating democracy and the open society. Among his publications are the books: Umweltaußenpolitik (1984: Theoretical and empirical aspects of environmental diplomacy), Das Katastrophenparadox. Elemente einer Theorie der Umweltpolitik (1990: Theoretical foundations of environmental policy), Politikanalyse (1994: How to analyze politics?), Verhandeln und Argumentieren (Ed. 1996: Bargaining and arguing), Vergleichende Politikanalyse (2007: Comparative Politics). Since 2008, he gave lectures in Finnland, Dakha/Bangla Desh and Seoul/Korea. Short stay as Visiting Researcher at ESPI in March 2011. More info: