space weapons.jpg 10 December 2007. The Institute for Peace Research and Security Studies at Hamburg University (IFSH) and ESPI have prepared a memorandum on space and security addressed to the EU CODUN  (Council Working Group on Disarmament in the UN) at its meeting in Brussels on 7 December 2007.

This concise memorandum (download here) contains a strategic view on the need to define rules and actions for the EU as an actor in space to safeguard its infrastructure. Based on the principals of the European Security Strategy (ESS) the memorandum advocates a cooperative, multilateral approach for Space Security and arms control in space, set down in a new European Space Security Strategy (E3S). It is addressed to the EU E-Task Force meeting on space security, which took place today, on 7 December 2007 in Brussels. With this meeting, the Portuguese EU Presidency continued a process initiated by the prior German Presidency to establish a European dialogue on Space Security and arms control in space. 

The IFSH/ESPI memorandum shall initiate and support a process, which aims at developing a European Space Security Strategy (E3S). Further detailed research will have to be done in the fields of confidence building measures (CBM), arms control in space and the impact of space surveillance on security issues. A draft E3S will be presented by IFSH and ESPI in 2008. 

The IFSH (Institut für Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik an der Universität Hamburg) is one of Europe's leading peace and security research institutes. Space security is one of its main focal points at the IFAR² ( group within IFSH. Through its senior researcher Götz Neuneck, it is an active part of ESPI's European Space Policy Research and Academic Network (ESPRAN). Currently ESPI hosts Marcel Dickow as a visiting researcher. He has been central in preparing this memorandum and has also already provided an ESPI Flash Report on “Security and Defence in the European Space Policy”.



 Marcel Dickow (IFSH), ESPI visiting researcher 

The main ideas of the Memorandum had already been presented by ESPI’s Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl to an audience in Brussels, which gathered at the conference “The militarization of space: political and legal issues” ( download here). This conference was organized by a number of Belgium institutions (among them the Research Centre for Military Law and the Law of War and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Space Studies Leuven) and took place at the Royal Military School.

photo credits: space4peace, ESPI

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