11 April 2012. ESPI Report 40 entitled “Europe-Japan Strategic Partnership: the Space Dimension” seeks to introduce how cooperation could be strengthened in four areas of space-related activities which could, in turn, contribute to the Europe – Japan strategic partnership more broadly.

Cooperation between Europe and Japan is long-standing both in the context of ESA-JAXA and between the EU and the government of Japan.

With regard to access to space, there have been a number of converging goals and programmes set forth (e.g.  Hermes - HOPE, Ariane 5 – H2A and ATV-HTV).  Yet less has been done to promote expanded Europe – Japan cooperation in this field at a governmental level as both sides have sought to foster autonomous capabilities. Concerning space exploration, Europe and Japan, primarily through the ESA – JAXA partnership, have demonstrated that both parties share similar visions for their research and development efforts. Europe and Japan also share several key policy priorities that involve use of Earth observation satellites and derived information. These include space for societal and economic benefits, environmental protection and climate change monitoring, and security (including disaster management). Both Europe and Japan view space as a strategic asset of growing importance.

Specifically, the report probes how cooperation could be strengthened in the areas of exploration and access to space; Earth observation and related applications; industry-to-industry cooperation; and space security, and how these space-related activities can contribute to the Europe-Japan strategic partnership. The report has benefited significantly from a workshop on “Europe – Japan Space Cooperation” organized by ESPI in January 2012 (see related webnews here) and a fact-finding visit to Japan that took place in March 2011 (see related webnews here).


- ESPI Report 40

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