11 October 2010. Studies on space against piracy and Transparency and Confidence-Building Measures in space were the topics of an ESPI study presentation, held today in Brussels, with the Executive Director of EMSA and a representative of the Belgian EU Council Presidency as keynote speaker.

The first study, authored by ESPI Associate Fellow Nina-Louisa Remuss, dealt with “Space Applications as a supporting Tool for Countering Piracy- Outline for a European Approach”. It highlights seven causative factors for the emergence of piracy in the contemporary era and four determinants for effective counter piracy policy, analysing in how far space applications can contribute to the elimination or disruption of any of these causative factors. In his introductory remarks, Willem de Ruiter, Executive Director of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), explicitly appreciated the results and the approach of the study and further added "piracy as a business model" as an eighth factor. He further stressed the great value of the study's recommendations for EMSA.

The second study, entitled “The Role of Transparency and Confidence-Building Measures in Advancing Space Security”, was prepared by ESPI Resident Fellow Jana Robinson. It examines transparency and confidence-building measures (TCBMs) as a set of policy tools designed to illuminate, predict and discipline states’ behaviour with respect to maintaining the security of space operations. It first highlights leading “terrestrial” TCBM precedents and prospects for the successful implementation of space TCBMs in a multilateral framework. The study then reviews current proposals for the efficient management of space activities, including the EU Draft Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities. Finally, a number of recommendations are offered to advance implementation of already existing space norms as well as strengthen compliance and enforcement modalities. The introductory speaker, Jean-Francois Mayence, Head of Legal Unit “International Relations” at the Belgian Federal Office for Science Policy, provided a number of insights concerning the release of a revised EU Draft Code of Conduct and expressed that the study results will be useful for the further discussions on the Code.

The study presentation was held at the Brussels Office of ESA (programme download here). It was attended by guests from the Council Secretariat, the European Commission, European and national agencies as well as industry and think tank representatives. It underscored ESPI’s substantive focus on space security as well as demonstrated the interest of high-level decision-makers in the Institute’s analyses and recommendations.

From right: ESPI’s Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Jana Robinson and Nina-Louisa Remuss with the keynote speakers Willem de Ruiter (Executive Director EMSA) and Jean-Francois Mayence (Belgium Federal Office for Science Policy)


During the presentation


- Invitation
Introductory remarks by Willem de Ruiter
Presentation by Nina-Louisa Remuss and Jana Robinson 

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photo credit: ESPI

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