copy weu.jpg 12 May 2010. Based on existing links with the parliamentary assembly of the Western European Union (WEU). ESPI was invited to present on the use of space resources in maritime surveillance at a seminar of WEU in Athens.

Today, ESPI Associate Fellow Nina-Louisa Remuss presented research results on the use of space applications in the fight against piracy to the Assembly of the Western European Union / European Security and Defence Assembly (ESDA).

ESDA has been dealing with the subject of maritime security for already some time already and is now looking at the fight against piracy in a two-day seminar, taking place in the Greek parliament in Athens. The parliamentarians were given detailed insights by twenty experts from the international organisations involved as well as industry representatives. Current missions and political approaches were outlined and future resources needed were highlighted.

Nina-Louisa Remuss (presentation download here) provided insights into the space resources needed. She outlined the technical capabilities, highlighted national and European initiatives and characterised the European approach. A special focus was placed on the EU ATALANTA NAVFOR mission and EUSC’s support to this. Finally, she provided for elements to be included in a European Maritime Security Strategy, which has recently been called for by the Foreign Affairs Council (related Council conclusions link here)

ESPI’s links with the Assembly of the Western European Union / European Security and Defence Assembly (ESDA) were built up in the context of the European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC) and recently led to the invitation for ESPI to attend the Assembly in Paris (related webnews here).









 ESPI Associate Fellow Nina-Louisa Remuss at the panel

 weu assembly.jpg

-Presentation: The Use of Space Resources in Maritime Surveillance

- WEU Press Release

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photo credits: ESPI, WEU

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