13 April 2011. ESPI delivered a presentation on the issue of critical supply chain for SatCom at the European Technology non-Dependence Conference in Budapest, organized by the European Defence Agency.

ESPI Resident Fellow Veronica La Regina made a presentation at the European Technology non-Dependence Conference (programme available here), organized on 13-14 April 2011 in Budapest by the European Defence Agency (EDA) and the Hungarian Ministry of Defence (MoD), representing the current EU Council Presidency, in partnership with the European Commission (EC), the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD).

The presentation (download here) highlighted the main criticalities of the European policies for the supply chain of Satellite Communications (SatCom). European industry already dominates many aspects of SatCom technology, covering the development and the production of spacecraft, the necessary ground segment for operations and the transponder leasing. However, the development and the provision of end-user terminals have not been achieved by European industry. This issue is critical because of preventing the development of an efficient and cost-effective solution for the mass-market, inter alia, of broadband usage required by the implementation of the European Digital Agenda. This topic is a part of an ESPI project on European SatCom Policy, lead by Veronica La Regina, which will see the publication of an ESPI Report in early May 2011.


ESPI Resident Fellow Veronica La Regina, during presentation with Gerlof De Wilde (EDA, Session Chair)


Conference Participants


- Programme
- Presentation "The Critical Supply Chain for SatCom in Europe"


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photo credit: ESPI

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