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13 March 2009. Member States of the European Union have to enact national regulations based on the European Directive of 2007 entitled “Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community” (INSPIRE) by May 2009. This issue of “ESPI Perspectives” investigates in the establishment of a truly European spatial information infrastructure.

The European Directive 2007/2/EC establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE) obligated EU Member States to enact respective national regulations to implement its provisions not later than 15 May 2009, the date which is just around the corner. The laws and regulations adopted have to be supported by administrative measures that make their enforcement effective. This paper assesses the history of the Directive’s adoption and the progress made so far in the task of making its provisions a European reality. It highlights the issues that have to be addressed by each Member State to properly set up its information infrastructure to be compatible with the European standards. While sketching these issues, it points out difficulties and the possible best practices leading to the establishment of a truly European spatial information infrastructure.


Catherine Doldirina, front right, at the ESPI Workshop on “Case for Space”, which she organised in May 2007, while working at ESPI

The author of this issue of “ESPI Perspectives” , Catherine Doldirina, is a PhD candidate and Boeing Fellow at the Institute of Air and Space Law at McGill University Montreal, Canada. In 2007, she worked in ESPI as the coordinator for the study on “Case for Space” (ESPI Report 7, download here).

-ESPI Perspectives 20: "INSPIRE: A Real Step Forward in Building an Interoperable and Unified Spatial Information Infrastructure for Europe?" 















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