springerlogoshort 14 August 2007. ESPI has launched a partnership with the prestigious publisher SpringerWienNewYork, part of Springer Science and Business Media. The first project will be a Space Policy Yearbook expected to be available in early 2008.

The Space Policy Yearbook will be a flagship of ESPI. It will profoundly inform about the year in space (from July to June) and contain analyses of all relevant aspects of space policy. To that end, usually ten prominent researchers will be invited to contribute articles on specific topics of particular importance. ESPI will provide a comprehensive overview of the space sector and a part containing a chronology and bibliography, thus making the ESPI Space Policy Yearbook the first publication of this kind. The preparations for the first edition are already in full process with an authors’ assembly during ESPI’s Autumn Conference on 13-14 September 2007.

The partnership with Springer adds considerably to the status of the Yearbook. Kai-Uwe Schrogl, incoming Secretary General of ESPI, who has initiated the project, highly appreciated the interest Springer puts into this partnership. Using the impetus of the Yearbook, an extension is already foreseen by establishing a space policy book series managed by ESPI. In this series, Springer will publish proceedings of ESPI conferences and stand alone works. These can be in-house productions by ESPI or contributions by external researchers, providing a new forum for publishing excellent studies in space policy. In this framework, ESPI is also envisaging a Handbook on Space Policy, another first on the book market.

Silvia Schilgerius, editor at SpringerWienNewYork, welcomed the new partnership with ESPI. Through this cooperation, the publisher will open the field of space policy, which is steadily growing in relevance.

photo credit: SpringerWienNewYork

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