ga_march_2008.jpg 14 March 2008. During this week, the Advisory Council and the General Assembly of ESPI met at Vienna drawing a positive conclusion on 2007 and envisaging a highly active and visible ESPI in 2008.

During the General Assembly, taking place on 14 March 2008, the Secretariat was discharged for the year 2007. The Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl and the Treasurer Michel A. Jakob received distinct appreciation for the recent thematic work as well as the administrative handling of ESPI’s activities. The General Assembly welcomed the quality of work, the vigorous enlargement of activities and the strong increase in visibility of the institute. They showed their high satisfaction with the competence and engagement of the staff. The members regard ESPI as being on the right course to have influence and impact on the decision-making processes in European space policy.


Representatives of the Members in the General Assembly on 14 March 2008
From left to right: Andrea Vena (ESA), Rolf Skaar (NSC), Michel A. Jakob (ESPI), Herbert Allgeier (Chairman of the ESPI Advisory Council), Rüdiger Süß (DLR), Arlène Ammar-Israel (CNES), Gilles Maquet (EADS Astrium), Kai-Uwe Schrogl (ESPI), Harald Posch (FFG/ALR, Chairman of the ESPI General Assembly), Maurizio Fargnoli  (Telespazio), Cristiana Cirina (ASI), Giuseppe Morsillo (ESA), Pierre Fauroux (ThalesAlenia Space)

The General Assembly was preceded on 10 March 2008 by the meeting of the Advisory Council. Meeting for the first time in the new composition (see here), a review of 2007 was conducted, the ongoing work in 2008 was assessed and items for the work in 2009 were discussed.

Presentations by ESPI staff on a completed project (Rolf Skaar on innovation), an ongoing project (Wolfgang Rathgeber on security) and the joint ESPI-GWU memorandum on trans-Atlantic cooperation (Nicolas Peter) added to the debate.


Members of ESPI’S Advisory Council at the meeting of 10 March 2008
From left to right: Rolf Skaar (ESPI), Frances Brown, Michel A. Jakob (ESPI), Kai-Uwe Schrogl (ESPI), Herbert Allgeier, Jan-Baldem Mennicken, Ulrike Landfester, Leen Hordijk, Peter Jankowitsch, André Lebeau (not on the photo Alain Gaubert)

The financial items of the General Assembly had been prepared at an Ad hoc Finance Committee meeting on 8 February 2008 under the chairmanship of Andrea Vena (ESA). There, ESPI’s Treasurer Michel A. Jakob presented together with the tax adviser the Financial Statements 2007 and the budget evolution in 2008. The members noted positively the financial situation of ESPI and the early submission date and quality of the transparent reports and recommended unanimously to the next GA, the acceptance of the Annual Statements 2007 and the discharge of the Secretariat as it then took place on 14 March 2008.


Participants in the ESPI Ad hoc Finance Committee of 8 February 2008
From left to right: Stefan Grassl (tax adviser), Rolf Skaar, Michel A. Jakob, Jürgen Ortner (DLR), Andrea Vena (ESA; Chairman of the Ad hoc Finance Committee), Maurizio Fargnoli (Telespazio)


photo credit: ESPI

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