spi_espi_memorandum_2009_s.jpg 14 May 2009. Addressing the U.S. Office for Science and Technology and the European Space Council, this joint statement by the leading space policy institutes on both sides of the Atlantic highlights the strategic economic importance of space and points out areas for concrete cooperation and coordination between the US and Europe.

The Space Policy Institute at the Elliott School of International Affairs of the George Washington University, Washington DC (SPI) and ESPI have been cooperating very closely during the past years. A particular highlight was the joint memorandum on transatlantic cooperation of February 2008 (download here), which was met with high interest by the space communities at that time.

Extending this cooperation, the two institutes now issue another joint statement on the strategic economic importance of space (download here). It contains a detailed list of areas for coordination between the US and Europe based on an analysis of the common interests of the two actors. Through this joint statement, SPI and ESPI intend to raise the awareness of the decision-makers in the US and Europe of these common interests, which need to be promoted continuously. The directors of the two institutes, Scott Pace and Kai-Uwe Schrogl, aim at actively influencing the policy debates with the goal of preparing the basis for joint understanding and joint actions.

- Joint Statement by the Space Policy Institute and the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) on the Strategic Economic Importance of Space; Washington, DC/Vienna, 14 May 2009

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photo credit: ESPI

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