egu.jpg 15 April 2008. ESPI was invited to give a presentation on the relations between the changing geopolitics of space affairs and space science and exploration activities at the 2008 European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly held in Vienna.

ESPI Research Fellow Nicolas Peter made an invited oral presentation at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly the leading conference in the field in Europe. This event brings together about 8000 geoscientists from Europe and all over the world into one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences. EGU was founded in 2002 as a merger of the European Geophysical Society (EGS) and the European Union of Geosciences (EUG). It is a dynamic, innovative, and interdisciplinary learned association devoted to the promotion of the sciences of the Earth and its environment and of planetary and space sciences but also the cooperation between scientists.

Nicolas Peter spoke during a specially set-up Townhall Meeting on “The changing geopolitics of space activities and their impacts on space science and space exploration”. The convener for this event was Tuija Pulkkinen, Research Professor and Space Research Chief of the Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki.


ESPI Research Fellow Nicolas Peter

This presentation aimed to provide insights on the changing geopolitics of space activities, as well as the current political developments of major space actors and their plans, particularly in space sciences and space exploration. Traditional space relations among civilian space actors are undergoing in the post-cold war era a rapid evolution with a growing number of new institutional entities leading to a new geography of civilian space activities.

About fifty scientists from around the world attended the presentation that was followed by interesting and stimulating debates. Nicolas Peter has already been invited to conduct a similar exercise at the next EGU. 



photo credit: ESPI

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