cagfijqv.jpg 15 January 2008. ESPI was invited by CNES to present the results of the study “Space in Central and Eastern Europe - Opportunities and Challenges for the European Space Endeavour” in an inter-centre seminar on the new EU members States.

This one-day seminar devoted to the new EU members took place on 15 January 2008 in Toulouse. It was part of the CNES inter-centre training programme and was also open to the I-Space/Prospace members. The seminar addressed geopolitical change in Europe and the impact of the EU enlargements on both demography and economy. It then focused on space activities in the new EU member States and on the relationships between ESA and those countries.

ESPI was invited to present its recent study “EU4+” on “Space in Central and Eastern Europe - Opportunities and Challenges for the European Space Endeavour”. ESPI Research Fellow Charlotte Mathieu presented the space activities and their environment in the new EU member States with a particular focus first on the four European Cooperating States (Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Romania) and then on Estonia and Slovenia. She also addressed the opportunities and challenges of a further participation of the new EU member States in the European space programmes.

The report of the study EU4+ can be downloaded here and its addendum on Estonia and Slovenia can be downloaded here.

photo credit: cnes

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