isi_logo 15 June 2011. ESPI delivered a presentation on the implementation of the Digital Agenda through SatCom based on its recent SatCom Policy Report at the ISI General Assembly during the Future Network & Mobile Summit 2011, which took place in Warsaw.

ESPI Resident Fellow Veronica La Regina made a presentation at the General Assembly of Integral SatCom Initiative (programme available here) during the Future Network & Mobile Summit 2011 (conference website here) on 14 – 17 June 2011 in Warsaw, Poland. The event was supported by the European Commission. The Summit was a key venue to discuss business opportunities and to identify opportunities for international research collaboration under the ICT Theme of Framework Programme 7 (FP7).  In the context of convergence, the 20th Future Network and Mobile Summit addressed the challenges of building the Future Internet, based on mobile, wireless and fixed broadband communications infrastructures.

The presentation (download here) comprised the main findings of ESPI Report 32 “SatCom Policy for Europe” (download here) highlighting the main criticalities for the implementation of the Digital Agenda which has the ambition to make every European digital by 2013. SatCom can be one of the potential key-enablers for broadband in Europe. The sector presents numerous stakeholders, clustered in three groups: policy makers at the international, European and national levels; industrial players and technological providers; and end-users. Each one has a role and is envisaged to play a coordinated and integrated action in reaching the target of broadband for everyone everywhere in Europe. The presentation concludes with a set of policy recommendations addressed to each SatCom stakeholder.

The conference was mainly oriented towards governmental, institutional, industrial and research decision makers and experts in R&D&T activities and for applied research and development oriented industries and research organizations as well as their associations. Veronica La Regina has been invited to be speaker at round-tables related to Hybrid SatCom-terrestrial Networks. The Summit was attended by representatives of all sectors involved in the debate of the future communication network, including space and terrestrial telecommunication.


During Panel Discussion at the ISI General Assembly (from left): Nicolas Chuberre (ISI/Thales Alenia Space),Frank Zeppenfeldt (ESA), Pertti Jauhiainen (EC DG INFSO), Jean-Francois Charrier (ISI/ EADS Astrium), Veronica La Regina (ESPI Resident Fellow)


During session “Advanced hybrid SatCom-terrestrial networks in response to institutional missions” at the Future Network & Mobile Summit 2011: ESPI Resident Fellow Veronica La Regina (centre) with Julián Seseña Navarro  (ISI/Rose Vision) on the right and Nicolas Chuberre (ISI/Thales Alenia Space) on the left




- Programme ISI General Assembly
- Presentation by Veronica La Regina "The delivery of the Digital Agenda through SatCom - Towards a SatCom policy for Europe"


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 Photo credit: ESPI

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