15 November 2011. ESPI, together with the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), convened a workshop designed to provide the latest developments on key space security issues for Europe.

Speakers attending a workshop entitled “Space Security: Issues Relevant for Austria” discussed a number of the policy dimensions of European space security. As ESPI Director, Peter Hulsroj, emphasized in his introductory remarks, there are generally two distinct concepts at play in this issue area: “security for space” and “space for security.”

The workshop brought together experts from ESPI, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Defence Agency (EDA), and the Austrian Ministry of Defence and Sports (BMLVS). After welcoming remarks by ESPI’s Director, Resident Fellow Jana Robinson introduced the European landscape as it pertains to space security, including the principal actors and key issues involved in the effort to craft an effective space security architecture for Europe and coordinate its implementation. Issues covered included the governance of space, coordination of space capabilities, Space Situational Awareness (SSA), the EU-NATO and transatlantic relationships, and the role of Europe as a global actor in space.

ESPI’s Jana Robinson introducing the issue area of space security.

Denis Moura of the European Defence Agency (EDA) described several space technologies and their applications for security and defence. He provided a summary of three basic operational services (i.e. positioning and navigation, Earth observation, and telecommunications) and pointed out that the dual-use nature of space technologies is an important driver for Europe’s non-dependence in this field. With regard to SSA, he elaborated on the potent military dimension of this program.

Denis Moura during his presentation.

Nicolas Bobrinsky, SSA Programme Manager at ESA, described ESA’s SSA Preparatory Program and outlined some of the critical technologies relevant to SSA. He emphasized that Europe’s independent utilization of, and access to, space combines diplomatic, policy, regulatory and technical aspects. All of these facets have to be thoroughly considered in the next phase of SSA.

Col. Friedrich Teichman from the Austrian Ministry of Defence and Sports provided an overview of Austria’s main priorities, as a medium-size country, regarding defence-related space needs in the European framework. He delineated how positioning and navigation, Earth observation and telecommunications, accompanied by supporting services, fit into the modern security and defence requirements.

Nicolas Bobrinsky reporting on ESA’s SSA Preparatory Programme.

Friedrich Teichman during his presentation.

The workshop was concluded with a roundtable discussion chaired by Harald Posch, Head of the Aeronautics and Space Agency of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

Roundtable Discussion

- Workshop Agenda
- Presentation Jana Robinson
- Presentation Denis Moura
- Presentation 1 Nicolas Bobrinsky
- Presentation 2 Nicolas Bobrinsky
- Presentation Friedrich Teichmann

Photo credit:ESPI

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