15 October 2010. ESPI was invited to participate in Workshop Four of the Allied Command Transformation’s (ACT) Global Commons project, hosted by the Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC) in Kalkar, Germany, and presented the findings of a recent TCBM report.

On 15 October 2010, NATO’s Allied Command Transformation (ACT) convened, together with the Joint Airpower Competence Centre (JAPCC), a one day workshop focusing on space as a domain of the Global Commons. NATO recognises space as a domain of the Global Commons, along with those associated with air, cyberspace, and maritime. The Global Commons project was initiated to identify challenges and vulnerabilities that affect access to, and transit through, the Global Commons for NATO as well as to provide recommendations concerning how best to advance future Alliance operations. The workshop was one of a series of similar events seeking to address these and related issues, the final report for which is expected to be released by March 2011. Kai-Uwe Schrogl, ESPI Director, and Jana Robinson, ESPI Resident Felow, participated in Workshop Two held in Brussels in September (related webnews here).

The Workshop Four followed the annual JAPCC Conference held on 12 -14 October, on the subject of the “Roles and Challenges for NATO Air and Space Power in Contemporary Operations”. Jana Robinson, representing ESPI, provided perspectives on a number of the issues discussed. They included the question of NATO’s stake in space; strengthening and assuring NATO’s access to space systems in the conduct of its operations; threats connected with the denial/disruption of access to space-based systems; the need for a carefully-crafted NATO policy and strategy to secure access to space-based systems; and the role of governance, especially via a Comprehensive Approach (i.e. government, commercial and military efforts) in helping the Alliance assure unfettered access to space systems. Governance of space activities, including the role of transparency and confidence-building measures, was recently addressed in an ESPI Report entitled “The Role of Transparency and Confidence-Building Measures in Advancing Space Security” (ESPI Report 28).

Workshop participants included representatives from NATO ACT and NATO JAPCC, government representatives from the U.S. and Europe, the EU Satellite Center (EUSC), and industry representatives.

Jana Robinson with JAPCC representatives (from right) Col. David Pedersen, Director of Staff for the JAPCC and Maj. Phil Verroco, Air and Space Power Strategist


Workshop participants in session


- ESPI Report 28: The Role of Transparency and Confidence-Building Measures in Advancing Space Security


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- 27 September 2010. ESPI Report 28 on “The Role of Transparency and Confidence-Building Measures in Advancing Space Security” available online


photo credits: ESPI, JAPCC

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