15 October 2011. During a special event at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2011 at the “Forum Bildung”, ESPI was invited to present its two major publication seriess, namely the “Studies on Space Policy” and the annually “Yearbook on Space Policy” in cooperation with the publisher SpringerWienNewYork.

During this year’s book fair in Frankfurt ESPI was invited for the first time to present its book series, which are being published by SpringerWienNewYork. The backbone of the ESPI publications with Springer is the Year Book on Space Policy, which has now been published for the fourth time. In addition, ESPI’s series on space policy is published about once or twice per year in the SpringerWienNewYork publishing house. On the occasion of the upcoming publication of the ESPI book on Space and European Identity a round table was held at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The roundtable was led by Prof. Schrogl, former Director of ESPI and included Blandina Baranes, Communications Manager at ESPI, philosopher Jacques Arnould, CNES, and ESPI Resident Fellow and former astronaut Gerhard Thiele.
The group addressed a variety of topics, which also had been discussed in recent ESPI publications ranging from space debris to human exploration of space.
The discussion gave an excellent overview of the broad bandwidth of work performed at ESPI.

The constructive cooperation between ESPI and the publishing house SpringerWienNewYork fills an important academic niche as was shown by the presence of ESPI and the presentation of its publications at the Frankfurt Book Fair .

Book author Jacques Arnould (CNES) with (from left): ESPI Resident Fellow Gerhard Thiele, ESPI Communications Manager Blandina Baranes and former ESPI Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl

- Frankfurt Book Fair 2011
- Press release by SpringerWienNewYork

Photo credit: ESPI

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