16 August 2011. ESPI staff received today a group of students from the Space Studies Program of the International Space University that this year takes place in Graz, Austria. In the framework of their professional visit to Vienna, a group of approximately fifty students chose to visit ESPI and receive a short but highly informative presentation of the Institute and its recent research results and activities.

The International Space University Space Studies Program is hosted this year by the Graz University of Technology, taking place from 11 July to 9 September 2011. More than 130 international post-graduate students and professionals, as well as 150 visiting lecturers are gathering in Graz to exchange views on space policy issues, discuss their research results and share academic and professional experiences in the field of space studies. This year’s academic programme included an excursion to Vienna, where the students had the possibility to conduct professional visits to various space-related Institutions and industries, such as UNOOSA, FFG, Siemens Space, RUAG Space and ESPI.

The ISU Space Studies Program students were welcomed to ESPI by Communications Manager Blandina Baranes and Resident Fellow Spyros Pagkratis. The latter begun the ISU students’ briefing with a presentation of the Institute and its way of work. After that, he presented the key space economy related findings from ESPI’s “Space Policies, Issues and Trends in 2010/2011” Report, for which he is the project leader. ESPI Communications Manager Blandina Baranes presented ESPI’s active role as a platform for the exchange of views and influences between space and Humanities’ studies, as well as for the creation of an interdisciplinary dialogue. Her presentation included ESPI’s recent transdisciplinary focused events, such as the annual art exhibitions held at ESPI premises. Following this, ESPI Research Intern Claudia Raposo-Correia talked about her internship experience at ESPI, by offering insight and a first hand account on ESPI’s daily way of work, while she also answered to the audience’s practical questions regarding ESPI’s internship programme. Finally, SGAC Executive Director Ariane Cornell concluded the briefing with a presentation of SGAC, focusing on its history, organisational structure, objectives and way of work, including the key events and activities it organises or participates in. Following the conclusion of the briefing, the visiting students had the opportunity to meet and discuss with all members of the ESPI staff, engaging in a lively and mutually fruitful exchange of views that completed the event in a very pleasant atmosphere.

The inclusion of ESPI in the ISU Space Studies Program’s “Vienna Professional Visit” underpins the intensive cooperation between ISU and ESPI. ESPI Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl has been a lecturer at several Summer Studies Programmes during the past years, while he has also contributed in the past to ISU Annual Conferences as a session moderator. In addition to this, ESPI Resident Fellow Jana Robinson was invited to lecture the programme’s students in Graz on the issue of space security only a few weeks prior to their visit to ESPI (see related webnews here).

The audience

ESPI Resident Fellow Spyros Pagkratis presenting

ESPI Communications Manager Blandina Baranes presenting

ESPI Research Intern Claudia Raposo-Correia presenting

SGAC Executive Director Ariane Cornell presenting

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- Presentation of Spyros Pagkratis and Blandina Baranes

- International Space University (ISU)  
- Technical University Graz  











Photo credit: ESPI

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