persp18.jpg 16 February 2009. Following the Eurisy/ESPI/HSO conference on governance in Europe, an analysis of the main conclusions is presented in this issue of “ESPI Perspectives” focusing on principles and ways to achieve coherence and effectiveness.

The discussions at the Eurisy/ESPI/HSO conference "Models of Governance of National Space Activities in the Evolving European Framework - Optimising Benefits from Participation in European Programmes" of 25-26 January 2009 in Budapest (related webnews here) raised numerous highly relevant points. ESPI and Eurisy analysed the conference discussions and deliberations and present this review as the present issue of “ESPI Perspectives .

The main arguments are the following: Governance shall enable and support the successful development of space capabilities and the use of space to the benefit of society. While European space activities have never before reached such heights, the number and complexity of actors and institutions involved in Europe has never been so arduous. European decision-makers face the task to adapt the governance of space activities in Europe on the multilateral as well as on the national level in a way that coherence and effectiveness are achieved and maintained. The recent conference co-organised by Eurisy and ESPI with the Hungarian Space Office as the local host investigated into the conditions and requisites for governance, which helps Member States and Europe as a whole to fulfil the potential of space. Emanating from this initiative, this paper presents an analysis of the issues at stake and provides perspectives for achieving coherence and effectiveness. The paper is co-authored from ESPI’s side by its Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl and Research Fellow Charlotte Mathieu, who was responsible for ESPI’s involvement in the conference. From Eurisy’s side the co-authors are Jean Bruston, Secretary General, and Sebastian Rieder, Policy Coordinator, who lead the team managing the Budapest event.

- ESPI Perspectives 18: “Governance of Space Activities in the Evolving European Framework”

photo credit: ESPI

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