17 October 2011. The XIIIth Plenary of EISC was convened in Berlin under the Chairmanship of Klaus-Peter Willsch, MdB, and supported by ESPI.

In its capacity as the supporting institution to the Presidency of the European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC), which is a unique forum for space groups in National Parliaments, ESPI, for the third time assisted the Presidency. ESPI’s tasks were undertaken by Resident Fellow Christina Giannopapa, and Associate Fellow (until August 2011) Nina-Luisa Remuss.

Under the dynamic leadership of MdB Klaus-Peter Willsch, Chairman of the Aviation and Space Group in the German Bundestag since 2009, EISC discussed topics of relevance to the European Space Policy and in particular discussions were focused around GMES. It also continued the debate of the role of EISC in the context of the parallel competences under Lisbon Treaty. During the second day of the conference an updated Charter was adopted, defining new categories of members: full members, associate members and observers.

XIIIth Plenary of EISC in session

Chairman Klaus-Peter Willsch (fifth from left) and German EISC Secretary Sabine Echternach (first from right) with ESPI’s Director Peter Hulsroj (third from right), Christina Giannopapa (fourth from left) and Nina Luisa Remuss (first from right) and the speakers of the first panel: Alain Ratier, Eumetsat (second from left), Vittorio Prodi, European Parliament (fifth from left), Johann-Friedrich Colsman, European Commission (seventh from left), Jean-Jacques Dordain, ESA (third from left).

ESPI’s support to EISC was appreciated by the Chairman as well as the other delegations and recognized in the new Charter. This year’s ESPI support to the German Presidency included assistance for the preparation and conduct of a workshop for the Permanent Members on 1-3 May 2011 in Abbey Eberbach, near Frankfurt/Main, (related webnews here). ESPI also initiated the first formal meeting between the leaders of Sky and Space Intergroup of the European Parliament and EISC at the European Parliament in Brussels (related webnews here).

The future presidencies of EISC were decided to be Poland for 2012 and Belgium for 2013 and ESPI has been invited to provide its support to these presidencies. Information about the Berlin Plenary will be available on the EISC website.

Chairman Klaus-Peter Willsch giving his opening remarks

EISC group photo


Programme XIIIth Plenary of EISC
Conclusions XIIIth European Interparliamentary Space Conference
Charter of the European Interparliamentary Space Conference (2011)

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- EISC website








Photo credit: ESPI

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