3rd espi autumn conference_3.jpg 17 September 2009. The 3rd ESPI Autumn Conference, comprising the authors conference of the “Yearbook on Space Policy 2008/2009” and the annual gathering of ESPRAN, took place during the past two days and assembled space policy experts and analysts from Europe and abroad.

ESPI’s Autumn Conferences form a regular opportunity to review space policy issues and to discuss the prospects for developments in this field. This is done by bringing together the most senior experts in space policy research as well as closely related policy areas. As in the years before, the ten contributions to the 2008/2009 issue of the Yearbook on Space Policy were present and commented in detail (programme here). They are covered under the Yearbook’s subtitle “New trends in space policy”, which shall catch the emergence of new currents and highlight topics in space policy, in particular the increasing role of strategic and security related elements. The ten contributors covered a wide range of expertise and also geographic diversity of their workplaces: Bertrand de Montluc (France), Jürgen Turek (Germany), Irmgard Marboe and Florian Hafner (Austria), Walter Peeters (France), Sascha Lange (Germany), Josef Aschbacher (Italy), Frans von der Dunk (USA/The Netherlands), Scott Pace (USA), Srikanth Kondapalli (India), Ram Jakhu (Canada). Together with the ESPI editorial team Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Wolfgang Rathgeber and Blandina Baranes, the preparation of the new Yearbook is expected to be completed for publication by spring 2010.

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Participants to the 3rd ESPI Autumn Conference:
Contributors to the “Yearbook on Space Policy 2008/2009”: Frans von der Dunk (first from left), Kai-Uwe Schrogl (second from left), Sascha Lange (third from left), Scott Pace (fourth from left), Florian Hafner (seventh from left), Srikanth Kondapalli (eighth from left), Blandina Baranes (eleventh from right), Bertrand de Montluc (tenth from right), Josef Aschbacher (eighth from right), Wolfgang Rathgeber (seventh from right), Christophe Venet (sixth from right), Irmgard Marboe (fifth from right), Walter Peeters (fourth from right)
Representatives of the member institutions: Yves Blanc (EUTELSAT) (nineth from left), Harald Posch(FFG/ALR) (eleventh from left) , Pierre Fauroux (Thalesalenia Space) (first from right), Maurizio Fargnoli (Telespazio) (nineth from right),  Johannes Ortner (third from right). Annette Froehlich, Martin Hellmann (DLR) and Max Grimard (EADS) not on the photo 
Members of the Advisory Council: Alfredo Roma (fifth from left), Herbert Allgeier (sixth from left), Frances Brown (tenth from left), Jan-Baldem Mennicken (second from right) 

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The audience

In the afternoon of the second day, issues related to networking in ESPRAN (the European Space Policy Research and Academic Network) were discussed. The conference also saw the participation of members of ESPI‘s Advisory Council, meeting on 18 September 2009 and representatives of ESPI’s member institutions Astrium, DLR, ESA, Eutelsat, FFG, Telespazio and ThalesAlenia Space.


- Programme of the 3rd Autumn Conference

- Previous editions of the “Yearbook on Space Policy”







photo credit: ESPI

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