18 August 2011. The official flag of this year’s International Astronautical Congress (IAC), which will take place in October in Cape Town, South Africa, made a stopover at ESPI for signature.
ESPI joined the world tour of the official IAC 2011 Flag (related link here). The flag launched its journey at the Kennedy Space Center in July, where it was signed by the NASA Administrator. In Europe, the flag was received by institutions like IAA, COSPAR, ESA, CNES, NASA, ISU and SGAC. Other organisations, agencies, companies and individuals involved in space will likewise affix their signatures to the flag.  Another flag was sent on a South African Tour. These two flags were commissioned by the IAC 2011 Local Organising Committee to raise awareness of space-related issues and promote the Congress that will be held this year in Cape Town. The two flags will return to Cape Town before the opening of the Congress on 3 October 2011.
Since its inception, ESPI has been actively involved with the lead organiser of the IAC, the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) – to which it is a member - as well as the two other organisers, the IAA and the International Institute of Space Law (IISL). This cooperation has been expressed in the form of various ESPI papers submitted to the IAC and Institute participation as session chairs and rapporteurs. ESPI Report entitled “European-African Partnership in Satellite Applications for Sustainable Development” (see related webnews here) will be especially relevant for this year’s Congress, the first to take place in Africa. ESPI’s Director as well as Resident Fellows Christina Giannopapa and Jana Robinson will participate in this year’s IAC.
 Members of the ESPI team with the IAC 2011 flag in front of Belvedere Palace, Vienna
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Photo credit: ESPI

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