copy of bookpresentation_ 1.jpg 18 May 2009. ESPI was the venue of a crowded public presentation of Austrian science journalist Gerhard Hertenberger’s book on the thrilling early years of the Soviet Union’s space programme.

Published by the Seifert Verlag, the book “Aufbruch in den Weltraum – Geheime Raumfahrtprogramme, dramatische Pannen und faszinierende Erlebnisse russischer Kosmonauten“ describes – for the first time in German language – the spectacular achievements of the early human spaceflight activities of the Soviet Union (as the subtitle indicates: secret programmes, dramatic desasters and fascinating experiences of the cosmonauts). During the presentation at ESPI, the author entertained the audience with captivating insights in these pioneer days.


Audience during Gerhard Hertenberger’s presentation

bookpresentation_ 1.jpg

The author, Gerhard Hertenberger (center), the publisher, Maria Seifert (third from right) with ESPI staff, organising the event (from left) Galina Ivanova, Bettina Biber, Blandina Baranes and Kai-Uwe Schrogl.


Cover of the book

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photo credits: ESPI, Seifert Verlag

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