19 August 2011. ESPI will coordinate the editing of a new major reference work in the field of space: the Handbook of Space Security has been launched with a kick off meeting at ESPI and is planned to be published with contributions from more than 50 experts in 2013.

The “Handbook of Space Security - Policies, Applications, Programs and Technologies” will be part of Springer’s reference publications series. It intends to provide a comprehensive and authoritative overview of the contemporary global space security environment. Written by renowned scientists and experts in the fields of space security, space policy and technologies, this reference space security publication will combine a presentation of the latest developments in space security-related political framework, applications, programmes and technologies worldwide, with an in-depth analysis of the underlying policy issues that motivate them.

The Springer Handbook of Space Security seeks to establish itself as a sophisticated, cutting-edge resource on space security-related policy issues and future challenges. Furthermore, it promises to be useful to members of the global space community, academic audiences and other interested parties alike, in keeping abreast of the current and future directions of this vital dimension of global space policy. Finally, it will also include a number of recommendations concerning how best to improve the space security environment, given the often competing objectives of the world’s major space-faring nations. In providing a coherent, global approach to security from, and for, space today, the Handbook of Space Security will focus on four areas that together have come to define the space security portfolio: policies, applications, programmes and technologies, each one presented in a separate section. This structure assures the comprehensive treatment of the subject from its policy to its technical aspects.

ESPI will coordinate all editorial work for the Handbook. The Editor-in-Chief is Kai-Uwe Schrogl, section editors include ESPI Resident Fellows Jana Robinson and Spyros Pagkratis as well as Denis Moura du Mont from the European Defence Agency (EDA). Responsible parties on the Springer side include Maury Solomon (Editor, Physics and Astronomy, based in New York) and Lydia Müller (Editor MRW, Publishing Product Development, based in Heidelberg).

This cooperative effort with Springer will be an addition to the two ESPI book series, which the Institute is producing together with SpringerWienNewYork (the Yearbook on Space Policy and the Studies in Space Policy; see here. It was initiated by ESPI’s Communications Manager Blandina Baranes in New York last year, who is also liaising with the Vienna-based Springer publishing house. ESPI’s Advisory Council endorsed the project and will act as the core of the Editorial Advisory Board for the Handbook to which other personalities from outside Europe will also be invited. The publication of the Handbook of Space Security is presently scheduled for the spring of 2013. 

During the kick off meeting at ESPI with Springer staff. From left: Blandina Baranes, Spyros Pagkratis, Maury Solomon (Springer), Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Jana Robinson and Lydia Müller (Springer).


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Photo credit: ESPI

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