19 November 2007. Today ESPI released the report of the study EU4+ “Space in Central and Eastern Europe - Opportunities and Challenges for the European Space Endeavour”. This study investigates space activities in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia excluded, and the relationship of selected countries with Western Europe.

The successive enlargements of the European Union (EU) have created new opportunities and challenges. The Union’s expansion towards Central and Eastern Europe could be particularly beneficial to Europe in the space field, as some of the new EU members and neighbours have gained tremendous expertise in the domain during the Soviet era. The study “EU4+” investigates and contrasts the two most prominent cases in that region: the four new EU members most active in space, i.e. the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania, and Ukraine. 

This report, led by ESPI Research Fellow Charlotte Mathieu, analyses the options and the challenges ahead for Europe and the Central and Eastern countries. It investigates and compares the space activities and their economic, institutional, industrial, scientific and political environment in the mentioned countries, and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the space sector in each of them. Moreover, it analyses the short- and long-term benefits and costs, as well as the challenges, of these countries’ further participation in the European space programme from the perspectives of all parties involved, i.e., the Central and Eastern European countries, ESA, EU and their member states. Finally, this report proposes ways on how to associate those countries to the European space programme and strategy.


Charlotte Mathieu, ESPI reseach fellow, presenting study results in Brussels, June 2007

The results of this study were already presented in June in  Brussels and in Warsaw.

An addendum to this report investigating two additional countries, i.e. Estonia and Slovenia, will be released by the end of the 2007.

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photo credit: ESPI

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