01 September 2016. On the initiative of ESPI, the first GRULAC-ESPI meeting took place on September 1st, 2016 on the premises of ESPI.

This workshop, the starting point for further closer cooperation on space communication and studies, explored in view of the upcoming UNISPACE+50 conference common points of interest and mutual understanding. GRULAC, the Group of Latin America and Caribbean Countries, is one of the five regional groups at the United Nations representing 17% of all UN members. At the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS), one of the largest Committees in the UN, 14 of its 83 member states belong to GRULAC.

A detailed analysis on the space situation in Latin American countries and ways of interaction with European space partners is intended as an effective result of this close collaboration, to be presented at the next UNCOPUOS sessions.

Pic Group of Latin America

From left: José Tomás Pérez Gautreau (Dominican Republic), Ana Avila (Costa Rica), Elizabeth Ferrel Alvarez (Bolivia), Dr. Annette Froehlich (ESPI), Teresita Alvarez (Chile), Laura Jamschon Mac Garry (Argentina), Javier Mendoza (Ecuador), Vivian Sanmartin (Brazil), Felipe Lehmann (Colombia), Paulo Augusto Sá Pires Filho (Brazil), Iván Aybar Valdivia (Peru).



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