copy of european identity through space flyer-1.jpg 2 February 2010. Key messages of the conference “European Identity Through Space” which took place at ESPI in mid-November 2009 are available online in the format of a flyer.

Based on the ESPI conference (related webnews here), managed by ESPI Documentalist Blandina Baranes together with ESPI Associate Researcher Thomas Ballhausen, where for the first time the focus has been set on European identity in connection with space, the flyer “European Identity Through Space – Keywords for the Future” focuses on three major issues: European Identity and Global Politics, European Identity and the Field of Culture and The Future of European Identity. It summarises the key messages of the conference and can serve as a source of arguments for decision makers in this highly topical and vivid debate.

 european identity through space flyer-1.jpg















During the conference, front row from left: Jean-Jacques Dordain,
Etelka Barsi-Pataky, Harald Posch, Jacques Blamont

Achievements in space as guiding examples and models for Europe in many fields are pointed out. How space inspires the philosophical approach, the arts, literature and film; how space applications are crucial for technological accomplishments and for an economic boost; how space is attractive for education, communication and scientific outreach. All these key factors were discussed at the conference. The flyer comprises basically new elements of argumentation within this context. The debate on space and the European identity should reach a broader public in order to successfully promote the “Project Europe”.


Project leader Blandina Baranes (middle) with Associate Researcher
Thomas Ballhausen (left) and ESPI Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl (right)



- Flyer “European Identity Through Space – Keywords for the Future”

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photo credit: ESPI

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