2 June 2011. Led by MP Boguslav Wontor, a delegation from the Polish Parliament visited ESPI to intensify cooperation.

Following the visit of ESPI’s Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl and Resident Fellow Christina Giannopapa, who is responsible for parliamentary affairs in the Institute, to Poland last April (see related webnews here), a Sejm delegation took the opportunity of its participation in UNCOPUOS to visit ESPI. The delegation was composed of MP Boguslav Wontor, the Chairman of the parliamentary space group, MP Marek Wikiński, the Secretary of the group Beata Żylińska and the Director of the Space Research Institute in the Polish Academy of Sciences Piotr Wolański. The delegation received a briefing on ESPI, including an introduction to its assignment as Ambassador Platform for the IAP Programme for the Central and Eastern European region by ESPI Resident Fellow and Platform Manager Erich Klock and on ESPI’s contribution to the civil protection workshop, which the Polish EU Council Presidency will host in July by Erich Klock and ESPI Resident Fellow Mildred Trögeler (related webnews on ESPI’s preparatory work here). Furthermore, ESPI assured the Polish delegation of its support in the planned Chairmanship of Poland of the European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC) in 2012.



Polish delegation at ESPI with MP Boguslav Wontor (fourth from right), MP Marek Wikiński (first from right), Space group secretary Beata Żylińska (fifth from right), the Director of the Space Research Institute in the Polish Academy of Sciences Piotr Wolański (third from right), with ESPI’s (from left) Mildred Trögeler, Christina Giannopapa, Erich Klock and Kai-Uwe Schrogl



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 Photo credit: ESPI

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