espi perspectives 27.jpg 2 September 2009. What consequences have emerged from the European Space Policy (ESP) for the European Security and Defense Policy (ESDP). This question is raised in issue 27 of "ESPI Perspectives" by Brigadier-General (ret.) Alexandros Kolovos, long-time Head of the Hellenic National Centre for Space Applications

Since the adoption of a European Space Policy (ESP) in May 2007 space has been high on the political agenda. This policy must be gradually implemented into a European Space Programme, which would cover all EU policies, among them the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP). A new body, the “Space Council” consisting of the Council of the European Union and of the Council of ESA at ministerial level has been created to coordinate and facilitate cooperative activities. Recognising that the Military capability will continue to be within the remit of Member States, ESP put as priority the need to improve coordination and synergies between defence and civilian space programmes and technologies, in a user-driven approach. The Council has noted that the organisation of the governance of space must be in line with the political ambitions of EU, ESA and their respective Member States. It also affirms the need to set up a structured dialogue with the competent bodies of the Member States and within the EU 2nd and 3rd pillar as well as the European Defence Agency in order to address the preliminary elements of the future European Space Programme. Has the 2nd pillar, which is responsible for the ESDP the necessary means to address these challenges?

alexandros kolovos.jpg

Alexandros Kolovos (front left) with the former and present Director of EUSC/WEU SatCen (Bernard Molard, third from left and Frank Asbeck, fourth from left)

Brigadier-General Alexandros Kolovos, PhD has been the Head of Hellenic National Centre for Space Applications for 14 years. He launched two successful Initiatives regarding Space Policy issues in the European security and defence domain in the WEU (1998) and EU (2002-03) both in the framework of the Hellenic Presidency. Currently he teaches «Space Aplications» in the Air Force Academy and he has been proposed by his country as the Hellenic Candidate for the post of the EU Satellite Centre (EUSC) Director.

- ESPI Perspectives 27: The European Space Policy - Its Impact and Challenges for the European Security and Defence Policy 









photo credit: Alexandros Kolovos

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