staff_1.jpg 20 January 2010. ESPI joined “Women in Aerospace Europe”, which is dedicated to expanding women's opportunities for leadership and increasing their visibility in the aerospace community, by creating a Network in Europe and across the globe.

Being the number one network in Europe and globally for women in the aerospace field, “Women in Aerospace Europe” welcomed ESPI as Europe’s institutional member. ESPI will bring to the organisation and its network policy insights based on its work as a think tank as well as opportunities to meet at ESPI. Through this, the visibility of the Institute will also be raised. Another reason for joining is that ESPI’s research staff is currently around 80 percent female. The Institute’s staff therefore will in a large number benefit from the access to the Women in Aerospace networks in Europe and in other parts of the world. ESPI’s membership has been arranged between ESPI's Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl and WIA Chair Europe Claudia Kessler at last year’s International Astronautical Congress. The membership will be managed by Blandina Baranes.







ESPI staff from right: Blandina Baranes, Nina-Louisa Remuß,
Christina Giannopapa, Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Jana Robinson,
Matxalen Sánchez Aranzamendi and Agnieszka Lukaszczyk

(Co-Chair SGAC, hosted by ESPI)



WIA Board Members at the last International Astronautical Congress 
from left: Tanja Masson-Zwaan (WIA Europe Director of Legal Affairs),
Andrea Boese (WIA Europe Director of International Relations),
Kai-Uwe Schrogl (ESPI) and Claudia Kessler (WIA Europe Chair)



photo credits: ESPI, WIA 

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