rep7_caseforspace.jpg 20 March 2008. Today, the ESPI Report “Case for Space” was released containing a wealth of arguments for the use of space applications serving society.

This project was funded by ESA and the Austrian government through its Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT). It was supported in addition by the German Aerospace Center (DLR). "Case for Space" investigates in the numerous fields, where space applications provide direct and quantifiable benefits for modern society. It looks in detail into areas like resource management, environment, health issues or disaster management. Such a compilation has not yet been produced; it is intended to be a source of arguments for the general case for space.

The main results of the study (download here) are contained in a handy flyer (download here), displaying the facts and figures related to the space applications’ impacts.

The project was led by ESPI senior research fellow Pierre-Henri Pisani and coordinated by Catherine Doldirina, at that time research intern at ESPI and now Ph.D. student at McGill University Montreal. She also prepared the study report (finalized in October 2007), which is now available together with the flyer. Results from the study have been presented already at various occasions and ESPI has received positive feedback on the arguments compiled.


Photo: Workshop in the framework of the project held at DLR in Bremen. Front row right, project coordinator Catherine Doldirina



photo credit: ESPI



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