plkt5_webnews.jpg 20 May 2008. The Polish Space Office organized its 2008 Space Days under the theme “Polish Space Industry – a European Partner”. ESPI had been invited to co-sponsor this event and provide a presentation on the rationale of space policies.

Already for the Warsaw Space Days 2007, ESPI had been asked to co-organize and chair a space policy panel and present related work by Research Fellow Charlotte Mathieu (see webnews here). In 2008, ESPI was represented by its Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl, who spoke on “Why space matters? The rationale behind the space policy of the European governments” (download here). This presentation was part of a theme day on “Polish Space Industry – a European Partner” with a participation of high-ranking Polish officials as well as representatives from the European Commission, ESA and space industry. 

The Space Days took place a few weeks after Poland had signed the Plan for European Cooperating State (PECS) Charter, strengthening the relationship with ESA as a direct follow up to the signing of the European Cooperating State Agreement in April 2007. In this framework, Poland can now participate in more programmes of ESA. The 2008 Warsaw Space Days were therefore used for positioning Poland and receive advice, like through the ESPI presentation, on rationales and strategies in this context.


ESPI presentation

Warsaw Space Days 2008 (programme)

photo credit: Josef Aschbacher, Starpictures Inc.

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