copy of iaaespiswf workshop_5.jpg 21 November 2008. More than 60 high-ranking professionals gathered during the past two days at ESPI to develop new perspectives and approaches to the fair and responsible use of outer space contained in “10 steps to achieve the fair and responsible use of outer space”.

The two day conference entitled “The Fair and Responsible Use of Space: An International Perspective” was held together with the Secure World Foundation (SWF), represented by its Executive Director Ray Williamson and the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) represented by its Secretary General Jean-Michel Contant, in the premises of ESPI in Vienna.

On the first day of the conference (programme of the conference), the most pertinent questions regarding responsible and fair use were analysed and conclusions and policy recommendations on aspects related to space benefits for developing countries, the peaceful use of outer space as well as space situational awareness were presented. The second panel focussed on fair rules on orbit. In particular the speakers reflected on the current initiatives in international forums, the role of the UN as well as Data Sharing Issues and Space Traffic Management. The third panel provided unique views on governance issues of the international system and came up with numerous new insights on how to shape international cooperation.

The three panels offered a unique opportunity for a dialogue with decision-makers and representatives of the space community, with the high-level participation of Ambassador Ciro Arevalo (current Chairman of UNCOPUOS), who gave a keynote raising – for the first time in public – the idea for a UNISPACE IV conference and the establishment of a UN space policy. Furthermore Gerard Brachet (former Chairman of UNCOPUOS) was the moderator of one panel and other distinguished persons, like the former presidents of IAF Lubos Perek and Johannes Ortner, actively engaged in the debate.

As the results of the deliberations, ESPI’s Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl presented a policy perspective entitled “10 steps to achieve the fair and responsible use of outer space”. Following the refinement of this statement by the three co-organisers, the “10 steps” will be published in short time. The proceedings of this unique conference will be published next year in the series “Studies in Space Policy” . which is edited by ESPI at SpringerWienNewYork.

All presentations are available here.

iaaespiswf workshop_5.jpg

Speakers of the SWF/ESPI/IAA conference from left to right: Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Richard Tremayne-Smith, Wolfgang Rathgeber, Gerard Brachet, Giovanni Gasparini, Ciro Arevalo, Ben Baseley-Walker, Ray Williamson, Agnieszka Lucaszczyk, Peter Martinez, Theresa Hitchens, Niklas Hedman,  Jean-Michel Contant, William Ailor, Fernand Alby, Lubos Perek, Xavier Pasco, Kazuto Suzuki, Driss El Hadani
iaaespiswf workshop_1.jpg



iaaespiswf workshop_4.jpg


Panel from left to right: Peter Martinez, Theresa Hitchens, Fernand Alby, Giovanni Gasparini, Niklas Hedman (Moderator)

iaaespiswf workshop_2.jpg

Panel from left to right: Wolfgang Rathgeber, Lubos Perek, Ben Baseley-Walker, William Ailor, Richard Tremayne-Smith (Moderator)

iaaespiswf workshop_3.jpg

Panel from left to right: Xavier Pasco, Driss El Hadani, Kazuto Suzuki, Agnieszka Lukaszczyk, Gerard Brachet (Moderator)

iaaespiswf workshop_6.jpg

Panel from left to right: Niklas Hedman, Richard Tremayne-Smith, Gerard Brachet, Ciro Arevalo, Ray Williamson (Moderator)

-Programme of the conference

photo credit: ESPI

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