espi-report_16.jpg 23 February 2009. Following a series of reports and papers dealing with issues related to space and security, this latest ESPI Report provides a comprehensive analysis of Europe’s role in this field and comprises recommendations on European governance and international engagement.

ESPI Report 16 “Space Security – A Formative Role and Principled Identity for Europe” is co-authored by Wolfgang Rathgeber and Nina-Louisa Remuß. It examines existing structures and doctrines in the domain of space and security. Building upon this basis, a potential European approach is assessed. This approach is envisaged as a formative and principled one. Formative in this regard means that Europe should influence the course of action in matters of space security rather than just be a passive observer. Principled is understood to express an orientation constituted by fundamental European values enshrined in documents like the European Security Strategy. The draft Code of Conduct on outer space activities recently approved by the Council of the European Union in December 2008 can serve as a prime example for Europe taking the lead in shaping the further development, accounting for objectives and principles that are commonly regarded as typically European.

espi-report 16_authors.jpg

ESPI Project Manager Nina-Louisa Remuß and ESPI Research Fellow Wolfgang Rathgeber

Wolfgang Rathgeber is Research Fellow at ESPI and has prepared a number of security related studies and papers during the past three years, including ESPI Report 10 on “Europe’s Way to Space Situational Awareness” of January 2008. He will speak on this issue at upcoming conferences during the next months in London and Potsdam. Nina-Louisa Remuß is Project Manager at ESPI and has recently published ESPI Perspectives 17 of January 2009 on “The Need to Counter Space Terrorism – A European Perspective”. She is currently leading the project on Space and Internal Security in Europe.

- ESPI Report 16 “Space Security – A Formative Role and Principled Identity for Europe”






photo credit: ESPI 

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