24 February 2009. Assembling a distinguished audience at the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic in Brussels, ESPI reported about recent research results and publications in the field of space and security.

Space and security is a top item on the political agenda in Brussels. This was made clear at ESPI’s most recent study presentation, which saw almost 50 participants from Council, Commission, European Parliament, ministries, agencies and industry. The keynote speaker, Frank Asbeck, the Director of the European Union Satellite Centre (EUSC) provided an analysis of the European activities in the field of space and security and an outlook on the possible impact of the EU Draft Code of Conduct. He acknowledged that ESPI – as he worded it - plays an important role in shaping these issues through its profound analyses and highlighted the current work of the institute as another example of high intellectual standard and thoroughness.





Frank Asbeck, Director EUSC, during his keynote                              Audience
address with ESPI's Nina-Louisa Remuß,
Wolfgang Rathgeber and Kai-Uwe Schrogl



ESPI Project Manager Nina Remuß and ESPI Research Fellow Wolfgang Rathgeber during the presentation

The following presentation  (invitation here) was then composed of concise introductions (presentation here ) to the study on “Space Security – A Formative Role and a Principled Identity for Europe” (ESPI Report 16), the “10 Steps to Achieve Fair and Responsible Use of Outer Space” and “The Need to Counter Space Terrorism – A European Perspective” (ESPI Perspectives 17).

The overviews were given by ESPI Research Fellow Wolfgang Rathgeber and ESPI Project Manager Nina-Louisa Remuß who have authored the respective reports. The context was set by ESPI’s Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl, who highlighted the institute’s research programme on security, which comprises in-depth analysis and recommendations in the fields of European governance, Europe’s international engagement, Space Situational Awareness, Space Traffic Management, space terrorism as well as space and international security.


ESPI's Research Programme Security

This study presentation again showed that ESPI’s research results are met with great interest by decision-makers and experts in Europe and are regarded as useful contributions to shaping important issue areas of European space policy. ESPI very much appreciated that the event was hosted by the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic in Brussels, thus demonstrating also the interest of the current EU Council Presidency in the institute’s work.



- Presentation
- ESPI Report 16:  Space Security - A Formative Role and Principled Identity for Europe 
- ESPI Perspectives 17: The Need to Counter Space Terrorism - A European Perspective  

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photo credit: ESPI 

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