mso&s_2009.jpg 24 March 2009. ESPI staff has been invited to two security conferences, which took place during the last days in London and in Washington D.C., demonstrating the interest in ESPI's research programme on space and security.

The two conferences were “Military Space Operations & Security” in London, organised by Defence iQ and "Improving our vision III” in Washington, D.C., organised by the Eisenhower Center for Space and Defense Studies, U.S. Air Force Academy. Participating in these conferences were Wolfgang Rathgeber und Nina-Louisa Remuss, who both had been invited by the organisers.



ESPI Research Fellow Wolfgang Rathgeber addressing the audience in London

At the “Military Space Operations & Security” conference, ESPI Research Fellow Wolfgang Rathgeber gave a presentation on "Data Sharing as a Prerequisite for SSA – Principles and Implications". Thus, he was part of high-level panel of speakers consisting among others of Frank Asbeck, Director of the European Union Satellite Centre, Erwin Duhamel, Head of Security Strategy and Partnership Development Office, ESA, various generals and senior officers as well as leading industry representatives.

Through their participation, the ESPI staff members brought insight and added value to the respective events. The fact that both of them were invited shows that ESPI’s work in the field of space and security, as evidenced in the corresponding Research Programme, is being recognized widely and is considered an valuable element of the global policy efforts in this domain.

- Presentation by Wolfgang Rathgeber: Data Sharing as a Prerequisite for SSA – Principles and Implications
- ESPI Research Programme Security






photo credits: ESPI, Defence iQ

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