copy of ga_march_2010.jpg 24 March 2010. The Advisory Council and the General Assembly of ESPI convened for their spring meetings to review the year 2009 and to discuss future perspectives of the Institute.

Meeting on 5 March, the Advisory Council of ESPI, chaired by Herbert Allgeier, conducted an in-depth discussion on topics, ESPI could take up in its workplan for 2011. Supported by guests from the European Commission and ESA, issues ranging from security, to international relations, governance and regulation to space and the humanities were raised. It was also highlighted that numerous members of the Advisory Council had recently initiated activities of the Institute, where they played major roles as conference chairs or editors (Herbert Allgeier, Alfredo Roma, Ulrike Landfester) or support ESPI in specific major initiatives (André Lebeau and Alain Gaubert with regard to the IAP Ambassadorship).


Members of the Advisory Council with ESPI staff
at the 12th Advisory Council meeting of 5 March 2010

The General Assembly, chaired by Harald Posch (who was re-elected for another two year term) met on 24 March 2010 formally accepted the annual accounts 2009 and discharged the Director and the Treasurer. The finance matters of the General Assembly had been prepared by a Finance Committee, chaired by Andrea Vena, which had taken place on 16 March 2010. Also before the session, the General Assembly had extended the mandate of the Director from September 2010 to August 2013.


Participants in the Ad hoc Finance Committee meeting of 16 March 2010
From left: Stefan Grasl (Tax Adviser), Wolfgang Würz (Treasurer, ESPI),
Andrea Vena (ESA, Chairman of the ESPI Ad hoc Finance Committee),
Harald Posch (FFG, Chairman of the ESPI General Assembly),
Rüdiger Süß (DLR), Kai-Uwe Schrogl (Director, ESPI)








Members of the General Assembly with ESPI staff at the
13th General Assembly meeting of 24 March 2010

Both organs expressly welcomed the output and development of the Institute. The staff was commended for its professionalism, engagement and success, which makes the foundation of ESPI’s reputation. Discussing the perspective of the Institute both organs shared the vision presented by the Director, that ESPI shall, following the build-up during the past three years, now focus more on the dissemination of its products and particularly intensify the function of advising decision-makers.

photo credit: ESPI

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