memorandum1.jpg 24 November 2008. ESPI in collaboration with the Paris-based Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique (FRS) and Institut Français des Relations Internationales (IFRI), as well as the Berlin-based Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) joined in the drafting of a policy-memorandum on Franco-German space cooperation. This initiative by ESPI with leading think tanks in France and Germany is calling to revigorate the Franco-German partnership in the European context.

France and Germany have long been partners in space. However new attitudes and directions in their respective space programmes are affecting the nature of traditional Franco-German space relations in an evolving European space context. The longstanding partnership is at a juncture. In this respect there is a need for a new dialogue to define what future directions the partnership should take. This joint policy memorandum entitled “Towards a New Franco-German Partnership in Space” provides therefore reflections on the state of these relations, and lays out options to be considered in the months ahead by policy makers in France and Germany. 

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The joint ESPI - FRS - IFRI - SWP Policy Memorandum hopes to provide a new impetus to the Franco-German partnership. It has been prepared by members of the European Space Policy Research and Academic Network (ESPRAN), which is organized by ESPI. Contributors were Xavier Pasco from FRS, Laurence Nardon from IFRI and Sascha Lange from SWP as well as ESPI Research Fellow Nicolas Peter, who coordinated this effort.

- Joint ESPI-FRS-IFRI-SWR Policy Memorandum: Towards a New Franco-German Partnership in Space

photo credits: ESPI, FRS, IFRI, SWP

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