copy of 10th_ga.jpg 24 October 2008. The two governing bodies of ESPI, the General Assembly and the Advisory Council held their autumn meetings and adopted the workplan and the budget of the institute for the year 2009.

Meeting on 24 October 2008, the General Assembly of ESPI endorsed the proposal for the workplan and the according budget of the institute for the year 2009, which had been presented by ESPI’s Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl together with ESPI’s Treasurer Michel A. Jakob. Chaired by Harald Posch, the General Assembly appreciated the work accomplished by ESPI during the past half year and was very supportive of the plans for 2009. These comprise topics like the policy and economic aspects of space regulations in Europe, policy aspects of third party liability in satellite navigation, space and homeland security and an interdisciplinary approach to the question of shaping the European identity through space. The workplan also contains numerous activities at ESPI like workshops and conferences (e.g. a high-level conference on PPP in the satcom sector in March, a conference on Intergrated Applications in April, the 3rd Autumn Conference in September and “Vienna Space Days” on space and sustainability in December 2009).





From left to right: Rolf Skaar ( NSC), Michel A. Jakob (ESPI), Gilles Ragain (CNES), Jürgen Ortner (DLR), Kai-Uwe Schrogl (ESPI), Ivan Vilafranca-Arias (Arianespace), Marion Petitjean (Eutelsat), Chairman Harald Posch (FFG/ALR), Alessandra Fiumara (ASI), Maurizio Fargnoli (Telespazio), Giuseppe Morsillo (ESA), Pierre Fauroux (ThalesAlenia Space))

The General Assembly had been preceded on 12 September 2008 by ESPI’s Advisory Council, chaired by Herbert Allgeier. This meeting prepared the adoption of the workplan in that it discussed in detail the proposals for topics and methodology. Numerous members of the Council will be involved in ESPI activities in the course of 2009 in particular as chairpersons or speakers at workshops and conferences and also as the Editorial Advisory Board to the “Yearbook on Space Policy” and the “Studies on Space Policy” both published at SpringerWienNewYork. One representative from each the European Commission and ESA participated in this Advisory Council meeting providing suggestions and input to the deliberations.

ac september 2008.jpg

From left to right: André Lebeau, Alain Gaubert, Michel A. Jakob, Andras Roboz , Alan Cooper, Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Jan-Baldem Mennicken, Chairman Herbert Allgeier, Leen Hordijk, Ulrike Landfester, Alvaro Azcárraga, Frances Brown


photo credit: ESPI

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