belgian_presidency_logo 25 January 2011. The accomplishments of the recent Belgian EU Council Presidency and ESPI's contributions to this, has been the topic of a joint event by the Belgium High Representation for Space Policy together with the Embassy of Belgium in Vienna and ESPI.

The Belgian EU Council Presidency from July to December 2010 can be characterized as a particularly active, and also successful one. This was impressively illustrated through the presentation of Lionel Poncelet, Attaché in the Belgian High Representation for Space Policy (BHRS), given at the joint event by the Belgian Embassy in Vienna and ESPI (programme download here). The Belgian efforts covered a broad spectrum of topics and culminated in the holding of a European Space Council. The presentation by Lionel Poncelet (presentation download here) gave a detailed insight in the concrete work and also the background of this Presidency. It was complemented by ESPI Resident Fellow Christina Giannopapa (presentation download here), who reported about ESPI's contribution to the Presidency through an ESPI Report prepared on European cooperation with Africa, which had been used by the Presidency at its high-level conference on this topic as reference material.

Wilfried Pfeffer, Counselor, Embassy of Belgium in Austria

Lionel Poncelet, Attaché in the Belgian High Representation for Space (BHRS)

Christina Giannopapa, Resident Fellow, ESPI

The event at ESPI, opened by Belgian Counsellor Wilfried Pfeffer and ESPI's Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl, had the presentations by Lionel Poncelet and Christina Giannopapa as the central elements and was accompanied by a roundtable with the speakers also providing the audience the opportunity to get a first-hand insight in the work of the Belgian EU Council Presidency and its impacts. In the end, the provocative title of the event "European Space Policy at a Crossroad or at a Dead End?" was resolved with an undisputed agreement that Belgium has given the European space efforts new and strong perspectives.


From left: Wilfried Pfeffer, Lionel Poncelet, Christina Giannopapa, Kai-Uwe Schrogl


This event was the continuation of a series, ESPI has held with the past EU Council Presidencies of France, the Czech Republic and Spain. They typically highlight the achievements of the Presidencies and ESPI's contributions and provide an opportunity to reflect on the impacts of the Presidencies on the development and implementation of the European Space Policy.





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photo credits: ESPI

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