eurisy_114x160px.jpg 26 January 2009. For the first time, ESPI joined Eurisy in conducting a major activity. The conference "Models of Governance of National Space Activities in the Evolving European Framework - Optimising Benefits from Participation in European Programmes" assembled more than 30 high level speakers and participants from 25 countries in Budapest. It stimulated a thorough debate on governance issues, which are of great importance for enabling successful space activities in Europe.

The opening session, introduce by welcoming remarks of the Hungarian Minister for Science (representing the local co-organizer, the Hungarian Space Office HSO), Eurisy's President and ESPI's Director, set the theme with keynote addresses by MEP Barsi-Pataki and ESA Director General Dordain, who outlined the strategic political importance of space and the concrete challenges for governance in issues like Galileo, GMES, SSA and space exploration.








Opening session, from left to right: Etelka Barsi-Pataki (Member of the European Parliament),
Colin Hicks (President Eurisy), Jean-Jacques Dordain (Director General ESA),
Károly Molnár (Hungarian Minister for Science) and Kai-Uwe Schrogl (Director ESPI) addressing

Four following thematic sessions (programme download here) dealt with framework conditions for national engagement at European level, how to shape national governance to be an efficient European player and how to make the engagement in space work for countries at European level. In the course of the first session, ESPI Research Fellow Charlotte Mathieu gave a presentation on  "The Evolving European Framework: Opportunities and Challenges for the European Space Programmes and Organisations". Charlotte Mathieu was also responsible from ESPI's side to co-organise this conference together with the Eurisy team, led by its Secretary General Jean Bruston as the prime organiser.







Roundtable, from left to right: Charlotte Mathieu (ESPI) , Paul Counet (Eumetsat),
Evert Dudok (President Eurospace), Kai-Uwe Schrogl (ESPI) , Alan Cooper (ESA),
Sylvia Kainz-Huber (European Commission), Peter Hulsroj (ESA)

ESPI and Eurisy were pleased to be able to join in conducting this conference merging their respective competencies as the leading forum and facilitator for space applications on the one hand and central space policy think tank in Europe on the other hand. All presentations will soon be put on the "Conferences" page on ESPI's website. The co-organisers also will prepare a joint issue of "ESPI Perspectives" providing conclusions and recommendations from the conference.









Roundtable and audience


- Programme
- The Evolving European Framework: Opportunities and Challenges for
   the European Space Programmes and Organisations  
















photo credits: ESPI, Eurisy

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