espi_persp_8.jpg 26 June 2008. The new issue of “ESPI Perspectives” on "In need of a European regulation for private human spaceflight" investigates the best approach for regulating “space tourism”. Such a regulation would provide Europe with the opportunity to become an attractive and competitive actor in this emerging market.

There is clearly a market for private suborbital or orbital flights emerging. More and more projects are developed in the US, around the world and also in Europe. A rich clientele is ready to spend large amounts of money for that purpose. Conducting private human suborbital flights or spaceflights will require – due to the high personal and public risk – a sound regulation. This paper argues for a harmonized European approach, which should not limit or hinder but support and nourish private commercial ventures. At the same time the public interest shall be safeguarded. Such a reliable basis for business decisions and investments should be approached soon and ideas about the right organizational framework should be tested.


ESPI Research Intern Julie Abou Yehia

This new issue of “ESPI Perspectives” entitled "In need of a European regulation for private human spaceflight” has been prepared by Julie Abou Yehia, Research Intern at ESPI, who has recently graduated from the Master Course in Space and Telecommunications Law of the University of Paris XI – Jean Monnet followed by internships at Arianespace and the Aerospace Research and Technology Centre in Barcelona before joining ESPI. Main ideas of this ESPI Perspectives have been presented by the author at the IAA First symposium on private manned access to space (presentation download here), which took place from 28 to 30 May 2008 at Arcachon, France.

photo credit: ESPI

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