4s_rhodos_plakat.jpg 26 May 2008. One of the largest small satellites events, the 2008 “4S Symposium” met to discuss technologies and utilization of such satellites. ESPI was invited to provide a keynote presentation on the legal aspects of space utilization and the regulatory questions facing small satellites.

The Small Satellites Systems and Services Symposium, the “4S Symposium”, is a biennial event that was first held in 1992. Since then it has increased its audience and reputation as one of the main meeting places to discuss all topics related to small satellites. This year’s symposium took place in Rhodes, Greece, and comprised 17 sessions with more than 80 papers. ESPI’s Director Kai-Uwe Schrogl, was invited to give one of three keynotes, dealing with the topic of “Legal Aspects of Space Utilization”, which had so far not been reflected during the symposia. In this presentation (download here) he provided a look on the relevant principles of space law, the current challenges and future approaches for regulation. Particular focus was laid on the legal and regulatory questions facing small satellites.

The presentation was intended to make the small satellites community familiar with these issues and analyse the framework for their activities. It was received with interest by the organizers as well as the more than 200 participants from around 25 countries. Therefore it was agreed that ESPI should organize a whole session on regulatory aspects of small satellites at the next 4S Symposium in 2010 as well as at the upcoming IAA Small Satellites for Earth Observation Symposium in May 2009 in Berlin.


 ESPI invited lecture

Conference website here.

photo credit: ESPI

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