potsdam.jpg 26 May 2009. General aspects of Space Situational Awareness and Space Terrorism were the two topics, ESPI contributed to the third annual conference on “Space Systems and Security”, which took place in Potsdam, Germany, with high-ranking participation.

The conference addressed various topics like Space Situational Awareness (SSA), linked Earth observation systems, homeland and national security as well as the future of the Galileo programme. Senior speakers from the military, space agencies and related institutions provided their views on specific issue areas and engaged in discussions with the audience. Thus, participants were enabled to gain a profound understanding of current developments and associated trends (conference programme here).

The presentation of ESPI Research Fellow Wolfgang Rathgeber dealt with issues and challenges in the domain of Space Situational Awareness. It sketched the general setting for space and security in Europe and dwelled upon relevant questions in the context of implementing the European SSA initiative; such as data sharing principles and governance concepts. ESPI Project Manager Nina-Louisa Remuß’ presentation gave an overview of the spectrum of possibilities and capabilities for Space Terrorism, thereby pointing to the possibilities of space system protection and survivability planning and providing for some more general recommendations. Both contributions were based on work recently conducted in the frame of ESPI’s comprehensive security research programme.









 ESPI Research Fellow Wolfgang Rathgeber addressing the audience


ESPI Project Manager Nina-Louisa Remuß addressing the audience

- Conference programme
- Presentation Nina Louisa Remuß: The need to counter space terrorism - a European perspective
- Presentation Wolfgang Rathgeber: Space Situational Awareness - Issues and Challenges










photo credits: ESPI, IQPC

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