espi perspectives 26.jpg 27 August 2009. With the European conference on space exploration approaching, issue 26 of “ESPI Perspectives” provides a brief guide for space advocates and decision-makers on the benefits of spaceflight.

Spaceflight – manned and unmanned – is subject to a continuing struggle for sufficient funding. A wide variety of pros and cons, especially concerning the benefits of spaceflight, is used in this debate. A new approach that includes efforts, motivation and benefits results in a structured classification of space activities into three directions. The findings could support space advocates as well as decision-makers in recognising and advancing the real and unique benefits of spaceflight. This is particularly relevant in view of the planned European conference on space exploration hosted in October 2009 in Prague.







Markus Schiller

The author of this issue of “ESPI Perspectives”, Markus Schiller, is an engineer working with Schmucker Technologie in Munich, Germany.


- ESPI Perspectives 26: Efforts, Motivation and Benefits of Spaceflight - A Brief Guide for Space Advocates and Decision-Makers

















































photo credit: Markus Schiller

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