esa_logo 27 January 2011. ESPI provided a report on the status of ESPI’s activities, as well as introduced to the Agency’s Member States assembled in its International Relations Committee the latest study conducted at ESPI.

ESPI last made a presentation to ESA’s International Relations Committee (IRC) some one and a half years ago (related webnews here). A number of new publications, together with the recent adoption of a new mission statement and strategy for ESPI, catalyzed the invitation by ESA to inform Member States about current and upcoming activities of the Institute. Kai-Uwe Schrogl, ESPI Director, provided the delegations with an update on ESPI’s activities and future workplans. Jana Robinson, ESPI Resident Fellow, presented her findings from a comprehensive study, entitled “Enabling Europe’s Key Foreign Policy Objectives via Space”, which will be published in February 2011.

Delegations welcomed this opportunity to receive the latest information on ESPI’s cutting-edge undertakings, which have enhanced the Institute’s stature and reputation as an accurate, reliable source concerning European and global space policy and associated policy recommendations. They encouraged the Institute to continue its work on the international dimensions of Europe’s space activities consistent with the study results introduced at the meeting. In the Committee’s view, ESPI has successfully established itself as Europe’s leading independent think tank in the field of space policy.



During the session of ESA’s International Relations Committee (IRC)

From right: Jana Robinson (ESPI Resident Fellow) during presentation, Kai-Uwe Schrogl (ESPI Director), Frederic Nordlund (Acting Head International Relations Department, ESA), Peter Hulsroj (Director Legal Affairs and External Relations, ESA), Sylvie Callari (Chairwoman ESA-IRC, CNES), Micheline Tabache (Secreatry IRC, ESA)




- Presentation “ESPI - Status Report and Study Presentation” 


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- 3 June 2008. ESPI invited to address ESA’s International Relations Committee






photo credits: ESPI

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